Bhavya Dhiman

I'm not an Entrepreneur, I just know how to make money.

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I know a lot about
Finance, Marketing & Tech.

We all have different perspective about money. To some people having money means being rich. Do you honestly believe that?
If you believe that, I'm affraid you are probably a Gen-Z droppshipping chinese products.

I strongly believe there's a huge difference between being rich & being wealthy.
Wealth creation is a time consuming & high rewarding process which break you free of this Matrix.
Come on Jordan Belfort was crazy rich at his peak but Warren Buffett is the crowned king. You understand what I mean to say?



• Stock Market
• Merchant Banking
• Wealth Management
• Portfolio Management
• Capital Restructuring


  • Web Development
  • Blockchain
  • App Developement
  • Custom I.T Solutions
  • Digital Transformation

  • Marketing

    • Influencer Marketing
    • Brand Story Telling
    • Content Creation
    • AdTech & Paid Ads
    • Public Relations & Branding

    I hated studying yet I made it.

    SRM Institute of Science and Technology, chennai

    Bachelor of Technology - Computer Sciences

    I wasn't the most attentive or the brightest student yet I landed up with 9.6 with a First Class Honours.

    Navy Children Schools

    Primary to Higher Secondary Schooling

    I was a bully in school and I landed up with an average of 4 suspensions in every grade but my computer science teachers loved me.

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