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15 Things smart business people have

15 Things smart business people have: What does it mean to be “smart”? Having a high IQ isn’t the only way to be smart. IQ is fixed. This has been shown over and over again. We learn the same way at age 15 as we do at age 50. To be smart, you need to bring more than just brains to the table. Smart people know themselves very well and are always getting to know themselves better. Intelligent people tend to be quick and on time, mentally ready, shrewd, clever, effective, neat or trim in appearance, socially elegant, sophisticated, up-to-date, and charismatic. Smart is a combination of many personality traits that show up in the way a person acts in the world.

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1. Intuitive

Smart people don’t just rely on facts; they also listen to their gut feelings and go with them. They know when and how they get their intuitions and insights. They are in tune with themselves so they can make good decisions. Smart people can see clearly what makes other people do what they do. Because of this, they can pick when, what, and with whom they want to align themselves. They use their intuition to make decisions, find new ways to do things, and make sure they only hang out with the best people, programs, and customers.

2. Conscious

Smart people know who they are and are aware of how they usually feel and act in different situations. They are aware of their strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, values, morals, and beliefs. People who are smart are wise to others, but they also know that self-awareness is the key to their own growth and business success. They are very dedicated to themselves and to their own growth. They know that the more they know about themselves, the better they can know and predict other people.

3. Reflective

Smart people remember things and learn from them. They don’t get stuck in the past, but they do know that they need to look in the rearview mirror to use the front window correctly. As they think about the past, they make a list of what they can learn from it. They either improve and try again what has already been done, or they get rid of things that clearly didn’t work. They take the time to think about decisions before acting on them, and they think about what worked and what didn’t work afterward.

4. Creative

Smart people never stop trying to improve their product, themselves, or their business until they reach the next level. They are interested in new ideas, radical ways of thinking, and new ways to change and do things. Smart people want to find new ways and are drawn to new ideas, people, and ways of thinking. They think outside the box as a matter of course. They believe that getting out of their comfort zone is important to their success.

5. Open-minded

Smart people are open to new ideas and can see opportunities where most people can’t. They think that the mind is like a parachute: it works best when it is open. Smart people don’t mind being in situations with contradictions and love to solve problems and fix things in new and creative ways. They are willing to listen to different ways of thinking about how to solve a problem. When they find better ways to do things, they give up on having their way be the only way.\

6. Timely

Smart people see opportunities and people right away and act on them right away. They act and respond quickly, getting things done well before the deadline. They don’t put things off because they don’t want to miss out on opportunities. All opportunities and relationships based on mutual respect come from being on time and reliable.

7. Resourceful

Smart people always know where to go to get the information, tools, supplies, training, and education they need. Smart people have a lot of things. They know a lot of people and can ask many of them for referrals. They are always able to find ways to reach their goals because they are so resourceful.

8. Independent

Smart people always question those in charge. They don’t just agree with what so-called experts say. They ask more in-depth questions than most people do so that they can find their own truths. Only when they find out their own truths can they justify putting new strategies into place.

9. Lifelong learners

Smart people make the most of their minds. They are very good at learning. They don’t think in a lazy way, and they see every new piece of information as a way to improve their skills, knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs. Smart people want to learn from the ideas of others and do so by reading books, magazines, and articles that help them grow. Learning is never a chore or a waste of time for smart people because learning is rewarding in and of itself.

10. Lighthearted

Smart people don’t worry too much about life or themselves. They think things are funny and know how important it is to find joy in the irony and comedy of everyday life. Smart people can find good things in bad things, silver linings in problems, and ways out of problems. Because of this, they continue to be successful and happy with their lives.

11. Explorers

Smart people are willing to try new things because they know that if the first thing they try doesn’t work out as planned, it’s no big deal. They see their mistakes as cleverly disguised chances to learn. They often take chances. In business, they are interested and willing to try new things. They are ready to jump into what they don’t know. Often, their risks pay off.

12. Believe in themselves

Smart people first believe and trust in themselves because they know who they are. They don’t need other people to agree with their choices. They have an innate sense of what is best for them and go after it. Change is not something they want or wait for. Smart People don’t like being in the holding patterns of waiting or wanting. They act and bring about change. They know that the only person they can always depend on is themselves.

13. Write goals on paper

Smart people have well-thought-out plans for their lives, like writing down their goals, visions, desires, and dreams. They tend to keep journals, make lists, and dream a lot. Writing is the first step toward making their dreams come true.

14. Pay it forward

People who are smart share their success, their knowledge, and their information with others. They teach, lead, guide, and help others. So that the rest of us can benefit, they put themselves out there. Smart people don’t hoard. They lift people up and make people better. In exchange, their own learning grows and develops because they are actively talking about, researching, understanding, and expanding their own fields of knowledge.

15. Reinvent themselves

Smart people hate the status quo and can’t stand being stuck. They want to grow and change, and if they have to, they are willing to change their image, brand, logo, company name, or even their direction. To stay up-to-date or get ahead. They know exactly who to work with and are known for constantly changing who they are.

Intelligent people are always learning new things and expanding their networks. At the same time, they get rid of relationships, customers, and strategies that aren’t working for them anymore. Smart people are different from average people because they have experience, brains, style, wisdom, and self-awareness.

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