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7 Ways unified communications can change your business

7 Ways unified communications can change your business | For the benefit of small and medium-sized organizations, we have combined Microsoft’s user-friendly technology with our dependable connectivity

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing brings together your preferred means of contact. Your staff may communicate, collaborate, and hold meetings regardless of where they are located.

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Our unified communications solution has seven main features.

1. Minimize Expenses

You can save money on IT in general by switching to a cloud-based unified communications solution. Traditional telephone networks are very costly. They require physical infrastructure and may result in overspending on unnecessary capacity.

The savings from using unified Business communications are substantial. Our cloud-based service does not require any special hardware and is billed on a monthly per-user basis. With Microsoft Teams, you can hold video conferences and collaborate on documents, eliminating the need for multiple programs and cutting back on your IT budget even further.

There are ways to reduce phone bills, such as the O2 Business unlimited domestic calling package.

2. Future-proof Yourself

The methods of interaction are evolving. Cloud-based services open up fresh possibilities. The analog switch-off necessitates the replacement of older telephone systems in commercial buildings.

Solution investments by businesses Communication should yield a rapid return on capital while remaining sustainable over the long term. Microsoft Teams is an advanced platform that is constantly getting better with the addition of additional functions and protections.

3. Enhance Productivity and Effectiveness

Coordination, efficiency, and productivity gains result from employees being able to communicate and collaborate through a single, easily accessible platform.

Several of the annoying problems that older telephony systems generate, such as limiting incoming and outgoing calls, are also resolved by our unified communications solution. There’s no need to set up a plethora of incompatible channels of communication. The company is now unified under a single UC platform.

Everything from meeting recordings to live transcriptions ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Fast and reliable connectivity options, such as the nationwide O2 5G network1 for mobile users and Virgin Media Business’ Dedicated Internet Access for fixed-location businesses, are also available to support this service.

4. Improve Client Service.

The standards that consumers have come to expect from a company are changing. Consumers expect instantaneous, individualized responses via the method of their choice. They are not interested in receiving generic responses to their emails or waiting on hold for eternity when they call.

Microsoft Teams allows for direct and quick communication with consumers via voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging. In addition, virtual receptionists can greet callers professionally and help direct them to the appropriate department or employee.

5. Bring together a Dispersed team

While working with a distributed team, it’s crucial to have a means of communication that is both versatile and easy to rely on. A customer is given an update on the delivery’s expected arrival time by the driver. The field engineer needs immediate technical support in order to make a critical repair.

Having access to data and resources whenever and wherever is a boon to productivity and morale in the workplace.

6. Maintain your Ability to Adapt.

Seasonal shifts, new product introductions, and organizational restructuring can all result in sudden shifts in the volume and urgency of Business communications. Our service is adjustable to fit your specific requirements. You only pay for the resources you actually use, as the price is based on the number of users per month.

Our unified communications platform is built on a foundation of reliable industry-standard hardware. Meeting rooms can be outfitted with a variety of audiovisual tools, including desk phones, headphones, conference phones, and more. All are optimized for use with Microsoft Teams.

In case of hardware failure, we also provide a replacement service for your convenience.

7. Maintain Control

One size does not fit all when it comes to unified communications. Our customer service will adapt to the needs of your business. You’ve got things under control.

With our premium service and support, you can rest assured that you’ll get the individualized answer you require. To guarantee your company’s success, we assign you a devoted Customer Success Manager who will work closely with you and learn about your company.

We can handle the entire migration process for you, from planning and implementation through adoption and beyond. Pick the level of service that best suits your needs, from round-the-clock assistance to complete management2.

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