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How connectivity is facilitating business expansion

How connectivity is facilitating business expansion | Connectivity was highlighted by the pandemic and recent years. Personal and professional. Virgin Media O2 Business and CEBR revealed that businesses and people expect hybrid working to continue.

Businesses are assessing how to use the digital workplace to establish permanent hybrid working that enhances productivity and growth.

Inadequate connectivity reduces productivity and demotivates personnel. Consistent connectivity improves productivity and client communication using hybrid working technologies like Microsoft Teams.

Businesses must now offer a digital workspace so employees may work from home, the office, or on the go. This ensures connectivity wherever you work. Even though most people will use 5G, 4G gives businesses a solid connection that can reach remote locations.

Now that you can connect anywhere, here are five ways connectivity can help your business grow:

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1. Using the chances that come with new technology

Organizations must transport data from devices to the cloud quickly and securely to stay ahead.

AI, ML, CBs, and customization will impact corporate processes and require a high-speed network.

Modern technology’s time and effort saved from using artificial intelligence to fulfill manual tasks are making businesses value it more.

2. Dependability, Adaptability, And Velocity

A future-proofed digital workplace requires constant connectivity since hybrid workers are 36% more productive and 34% more in charge when working from home.

Business expansion that caters to the growing trend of remote work must be able to provide employees with a stable, secure, and fast Internet connection if they want to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. After all, no business wants to risk losing good employees because they can’t get the most out of their remote workers.

3. Enhanced Online Safety

77% of firms believe that cyber security is a high priority for their directors and senior managers [1]. This is in response to the fact that 39% of business expansion have reported an increase in the frequency of cybersecurity assaults in the past 12 months. It is safe to assume that in recent times, the business world has placed a significant emphasis on strengthening its security measures.

Both 4G and 5G have carrier-grade security, which indicates that they are exceptionally dependable, have been put through rigorous testing, and have already demonstrated their capabilities [2]. Yet, 5G provides a service that is even more secure than 4G due to better utilization of bandwidth and more connection points. As a result, businesses that invest in 5G know that they are not just investing in greater connectivity but also in enhanced security.

4. Savings On Expenses

A company could lose a lot more money than they initially anticipate if its connectivity is poor. According to swcomms, a slow internet connection results in an annual loss of productivity costs of £494 per employee. This loss of productivity expenses can be attributed to the slow internet connection.

Instead of being dissatisfied and discouraged due to a slow and unreliable connection, employees will be able to work to their fullest capacity in terms of productivity and efficiency if they have a connection that is both reliable and high-speed.

5. Achieving Consumer Satisfaction

Companies today need any advantage they can gain over rivals. And if their connectivity is poor, they will fall further behind. In order to provide the kind of service that consumers have come to expect, businesses need fast and dependable internet connections.

When a company’s Internet is down, it reflects poorly on the company’s reputation. Customers who experience slow service due to bad connectivity may need convincing before returning to the same page.

We at Virgin Media O2 Business are in a prime position to provide superior connectivity for businesses, thanks to our partnership with the most reliable mobile network in the United Kingdom and the industry-leading speeds of the Virgin Media internet network. We can provide more than just internet access. Your company will have access to everything it needs to increase productivity, efficiency, and growth thanks to our adaptable approach, round-the-clock assistance, and continuing advice from our digital experts.

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