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The 5 People You’ll Need to Start a Business

The 5 People You’ll Need to Start a Business: Putting together a good team can be hard, but these five people are essential to your success.

It can take a long time and be hard to start a business. As a commercial real estate agent, I see new businesses start up all the time. Seeing these new businesses start up has shown me how important it is to assign roles correctly. Many people who own their own business want to do most of the work. But the best way is to work as a team if everything is set up right.

No matter what kind of business you want to start, it helps to have certain skills. Since you can’t do everything by yourself, it’s best to have a team behind you. Depending on your business plan, you could either hire your team or find partners. Whether your team is paid a salary or has an ownership stake, it’s a good idea to give them different skills.

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1.The expert on numbers

Strength with numbers is a good skill for a team member to have. This team member might be a professional accountant or at least be good at keeping books. Your business will also need someone on its team who is good with money and knows how to handle business funds. This person may have to balance the business’s books, keep track of tax records, and make financial reports like profit-and-loss statements and balance sheets.

2. Analytical Team Member

Strong analytical skills are also a very important trait. This person needs to be able to read and understand documents that are hard to understand. One of the things your analytical team member will do is manage the process of forming your business and the forms and contracts your business needs. In a perfect world, one of the people on your analytical team would be a business lawyer. This could save your business money on lawyer fees.
Members of the document team who care about money and work hard will work together closely. One option is to combine these two roles into one. But if you give both of these jobs to the same team member, you need to make sure that person can do both jobs.

3. Artistic Talent

Artistic talent is another skill that can be a massive asset for a business team member to have. Most companies will need a logo, website, flyers, banners and business cards. The entire team will benefit if one of the team members can design these items and is proficient in photoshop or other graphic design software. Although I am a fan of all team members having a voice, especially with logo design, there can often be too many cooks in the kitchen. If you have a team member whose purpose is to put together the best logo possible, trust them and do not have other team members overtake this role. It is also important to note that artistic skills can easily be outsourced. If you need a creative member on your team, you can look online to fill this role.

4. Tech Team Member

In today’s world, technology is everywhere, so it is very helpful to have a team member who is tech-savvy. Your tech team member may be responsible for setting up your business’s computers, printers, networks, emails, backups, and virus protection. When you have trouble with your computer, it can stop your business from running. By having a tech team member on staff, you can get back up and running more quickly.

If a member of your tech team can help with the company’s website, that would be a plus. Depending on how complicated your website is, you might want to outsource the creation of the first version. If the design and programming are very complicated, it would not be smart for a member of your tech team to spend time making the website. Once it’s up and running, you’ll have to make updates from time to time. Having someone on your team who knows how to make these changes will save time and money for your business.

5. Sales Minded People

To grow your business from day one, you will need someone on your team who is good at sales. Marketing and sales go hand in hand, so someone who is good at sales can also do marketing. This person should be able to network and find new business opportunities. To keep customers, you also need to be good at building relationships with them. As part of this job, you will need to look for new business, go to networking events, and close deals.
The person in charge of sales and marketing will also be in charge of posting on social media. Since it can be hard to find someone who is as dedicated to this job as the business owner, sales and marketing are often done by the business owner.
Have a test meeting with your team before you make it official. You want to make sure that everyone on your team gets along. Set an agenda for the test meeting and stick to it. If any of your team members repeatedly get off-topic, this could be a red flag. You don’t want to waste time in meetings with people who talk about other things. People don’t always agree in meetings, and it’s important that your team is as often as possible on the same page. Also, it’s a good idea for your team members to get along with each other, but professionalism should always come first.

Good luck putting your team together. Remember to take things one step at a time and pay attention to how you lead. For a business to be successful and make money, the team needs to work well together and be happy.

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